Saturday, November 9, 2013

Party Ideas: Pink Spots and Stripes Themed Girls First Birthday

If you are after a pretty and simply delightful girl's party theme idea look no further than Sophia's pink spots and stripes themed first birthday party. 

Let's start with the amazing three tier cake created by Sophia's 17 year old sister from Bexley. The bottom tier of the cake decorated with fondant pink and white strips, the middle tier with spots in different shades if pink and the top tier in a gorgeous large cupcake and hand created sugar candle. Silver balls separate the tiers and Sophia's name on displayed on the pink fondant covered cubes.
Pink spots and stripes three tier cake
The whole sweets table was kept in theme with pink spotted lettering displaying the birthday girl's name. Pink and white spotted and striped bunting flags, spotted balloons and backdrop created with a pink plastic table cover.

Pink spots and stripes sweets table

On the sweets buffet were white cake pops topped with mini pink icing balls, pink and white smarties, pink and white jelly beans, pink lollies in giant champagne glassware and other pink treats shown below:-

Pink jelly jars with pink and white spotted ribbon
Large lollipops with hand created
birthday initial labels
Pretty pink cupcakes in striped and spotted casing
and mini striped and spotted pink flags
Guests could take away some of the treats in
the cutest pink striped packages
Hope you enjoyed this week's party feature, if you live in the Sydney area and want to order a similar cake, email for more details. Enjoy!

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