Thursday, October 28, 2010

DIY up-cycled clock

This post is all about creating you own customised clock with a simple clock you can purchase at the dollar store or one you already have and some nice scrapbooking paper that goes with your home decor. I got this clock as a promotional freebie but I wanted it to look like an elegant piece of home decor.

Just pull apart the clock, cut scrapbooking paper to fit and stick on with a glue stick before reassembling it. Voila!

You can even cut out the numbers that come with the clock and use them on top of the scrapbooking paper if you like a clock with numbers. The scrapbooking paper was perfect - nice large square size and again the choices are endless. I purchased this one sheet from Spotlight for $1.99! There are even heaps of cute kids patterns and so forth so you can make anything you like.

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