Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hanging Wall Art Frames

Having had so much trouble trying to find an artwork that would compliment the bedroom, I decided to make something myself using three white matching square photo frames.

I simply found some great sheets of A4 paper from the craft store that is traditionally used for card making or invitations and framed them. The great thing was that there were soo many designs to choose from. At 50 cents a sheet they were a great buy, costing $1.50 to get my look plus the photo frames which I have had lying around the house for ages.


  1. I love this idea!! what a bargain and it matches really well! plus if you change the bed covers in the future you can just get some more cheap paper and change the pictures to match..
    awesome idea =)

  2. Yeah that is a great idea - just changing the paper when you change your bed covers!

    Another source of pictures that you can use is old calanders - the pictures are usually a great size and decent quality!