Saturday, May 18, 2013

Colour Crush: Tangerine Lips


  1. A small citrus fruit with a loose skin, esp. one of a variety with deep orange-red skin.
  2. A deep orange-red colour.

I am not really one for bright lips but I knew it was time to mix up the nude lips I have been sporting lately and after I found a fabulous coral/tangerine and turquoise necklace I knew it was time... I spent almost a good hour strolling through the isles of Priceline and covered most of the back side of my hand in stripes of different shades and textures without much luck...and where I did found a lippy that was almost right, I couldn't find the lip liner to match. If there is ever a time to wear lip-iner its with bright or strong coloured lips because that is the time your lips are most defined.

I knew what colour I was after and wanted a strong matte shade... My journey continued to Gloss where my eyes went straight to the Chi Chi range of bright matte lipsticks...and hooray for the matte lip liners!

I picked up the lipstick called "you had me a hello" and the "stay on lip liner" in "status"... It claimed to be long-wearing, stayproof and smudgeproof and it really lived up to all those things, even after a few glasses of red wine...   

Paraben free and made in Germany - (it has got to be good if it is made in Germany-right?) it was a winner with me. The pink and black lipstick packaging was also totally cute!

P.S.: I applied the lipstick first with the lipliner on top to get the most seamless colour match (why they don't just sell the matching liner I'll never know!). Enjoy xx

You had me at Hello

The winning combo
Necklace from Peeptoe - the inspiration behind the lips

Posing with my tangerine lips (my baby playing in the back)

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