Sunday, May 26, 2013

MAC Plush Lash Mascara Dupe

A favourite topic amongst US bloggers in particular are posts showing lower costing replicates or "dupes" for popular high end/expensive products. It makes me laugh (with a hint of envy) because unfortunately these more expensive products are still half the price of cosmetics and skincare in Australia (*cry, cry*). It would seem even more relevant in Oz to source dupes of our own. For example, I am a big fan of MAC (especially their eye shadows and lipsticks) but their Plush Lash mascara retails here for $33 (in the US for $16 plus tax!)... 

The product a favourite mascara among many Australian and American consumers and is described on the MAC website as a product that: "Plumps, curls and volumizes. Builds thickness smoothly and evenly, delivering a full fan of lashes. Rich, hydrating formula. No smudging or clumping. A patented brush wraps lashes one luxurious layer at a time for immediate, intense drama".

The perfect "dupe" is Essence Get BIG! Lashes volume boost waterproof mascara. Available at Priceline for $4.25. On the website the product is used for: "For perfectly defined, mega volume lashes, even after swimming! The new dependable, smudge and waterproof mascara for every occasion!"

The dupe was brought to my attention by my fabulous sister-in-law who purchased it for me and after owning and using MAC and Essence's mascaras I have to say they are both on par in terms of producing thicker, more voluminous lashes. I find the Essence mascara was less clumpy and did not irritate my eyes like the MAC one unfortunately did and with the $28.75 price difference I know which one I will be buying in future!

Here is a closer look at the two mascaras......

Compare MAC v Essence Mascaras

You can see how similar the brushes are here
both with thick and large bristles helping with 
volumising lashes

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