Sunday, June 2, 2013

Crystal Jewellery and Accessory Displays under $15

I love going to little boutiques and longingly wish I could display my own watches and accessories in a boutique-like way, almost as if my dresser was a store display and I could "shop" from my display anytime I wanted to... and I'm not talking about items that take a lot of space on your dresser or the standard black velvet and plastic looking items shops can sometimes use.

Crystal trays and plates make great items for displaying precious adornments and best of all, the ones pictured below were all sourced from Salvos and Vinnies stores. If there is one thing these stores have lots of (if not much else) is crystal platters! The quality of them are amazing and the prices ranged from $10-$15 each. When compared to plastic containers and compartments they are a total steal and a classier look! Better still you can find different shapes and sizes and I have mixed and matched shapes for a more eclectic look which sticking to a diamond style patterns for some cohesion at the same time. Here are some ideas from my own collection bellow:

Watch, perfume and ring display tray

Organising jewellery and accessories in different shaped crystal
bowls and platter

Display earrings off the edge of the crystal bowl

Ring and earring holders and storage ideas

Putting everything back in the same spot after using them is my only challenge now. 

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