Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flawless foundation tip - making the shade right for you

Even for the experts, choosing the right shade of foundation is never easy. Whether you buy online, try it on in stores (where the lighting can play tricks on you) or choose it according to the shade of the bottle its not easy to get it 100% right. More often then not it takes a few applications and even some flash photography to discover if you have the right shade of foundation for you. As I have been trying different brands of foundations the last few picks haven't been quite right for me, purchasing shades that are only slightly lighter than my skin colour, frustrating me no end!

Fortunately I have discovered the best makeup trick for getting a flawless foundation finish (with a gorgeous glows). The answer has saved me! Just mix the foundation with a bronzing primer or a bronzing illuminator. I use the Napolean Perdis NP Set bronzing primer with my Makeup Forever High Definition HD Foundation (or any other of my other foundations that are a tad light for me). The texture you get so actually amazing that I'm not sure that I ever want to buy the right shade anymore... I mix even amounts on the back of my hand and apply it with my foundation brush before applying it to my face. It is also great for summer when your sporting more of a tan and don't want to buy a different shade of foundation each season. Make sure you try it!

Combine a foundation with a bronzing primer

Makeup Forever HD Foundation(left)
NP Set Bronzing Primer (right)

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