Friday, June 21, 2013

Shopping: Anthropologie Sale Picks

Although Anthropologie was a store founded in the US two decades ago, I only visited their Vegas store last year after a stylish friend told me about it. It has an eclectic and unique array of clothing, homewares, accessories and arty delights... There are stores in the UK, US and Canada but still no store in Australia. Fortunately enough we are able to shop online for most of their products with very reasonable shipping rates. Let us hope the Aussie dollar doesn't continue to fall so we can make the most of the great online shopping sites the US has to offer!

Here are my picks from their current SALE... Enjoy x

Anthropologie sale picks - June 2013

$49.95. 2 $19.95. 3 $39.95. 4 $129.95. 5 $7.95. 6 $179.95 7 $39.95. 8 $129.99
$199.95. *
*Prices are in US dollars as of today's date

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