Sunday, July 7, 2013

Party Ideas: Circus Themed Party

The christening of our son Benjamin was styled in a circus party extravaganza. The following post showcases some circus themed party ideas that can be adapted for a party of your own.

Circus Cake
Get a three tiered cake with fun circus animals, brights stars and surround with circus balls. Stick to red, blue and white colours for maximum impact.

DIY Name Sign
Make a sign with your child's name on it with dollar store clown letters glued onto some decorative white fencing.

Circus theme cake with DIY name sign
Party Favours
Fill bold coloured candy dispensers with jellybeans and tie with more red grosgrain ribbon and attach with your own DIY thank you tags and a clear star bead for that extra touch.
Circus party favours

(the one pictured was purchased from Spotlight) Hang a large polka dotted sheets of fabric on the wall for guests to use as a backdrop for photos. Keep assorted accessories, wigs and glasses handy to make things interesting. You can easily make your own by sticking cardboard shapes of smiles (like the one featured) or moustaches on balloon sticks, you can also find lots of printable designs online to stick on.
Circus Photo Booth
Lolly or Candy Buffet
Fill the lolly table with giant lollipops with your child's initial on them, lolly hamburgers and hot dogs, giant gum balls, sour snakes, redskins etc. all in decorative vases and bowls with individual signs in suitable red or blue coloured font tied with red grosgrain  ribbon.

Handmade Bunting Flags
Create your own handmade bunting with fabric in blue and red with different patterns for a great look that is reusable for many years to come. Perhaps it may even go in your kid's room when your done.
Lolly table with handmade fabric bunting
Giant lollipops with DIY circus style labels
Popcorn and Fairy Floss Stands
Provide guests with show food like popcorn from a vintage looking popcorn stand and fairy floss made to order. Leave fake popcorn and fairy floss tickets or coupons for guests to redeem them with that has a poem on it just for fun.
Popcorn and fairy floss tickets for guests

Kids activity table

Keeps kids were busy if you are entertaining lots of adults as well with an activity table with colouring in pages, glue, pop-poms, glitter, beads and blow up balloons and balloon animal instruction guides. Other funs props you can use from a party supply stores are circus games like can throwing games and ball throwing games reminiscent of games you might find at a circus or carnival grounds.
Kids activity table
DIY Circus Centrepieces

Make your own DIY centrepieces with posy boxes and balloons in matching brights colours (feature below). Keep posted as the full tutorial is to come!
Circus themed DIY centrepieces

Hope you enjoyed some of these circus party ideas.

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