Saturday, July 13, 2013

Circus Party Theme: Balloon Centrepiece DIY

As promised, here are my instructions for creating a balloon centrepiece for your circus themed party. You can also use the basics in this DIY project and adapt it for any party you like using different coloured balloons, boxes and ribbons in any combination you like. You can add glitter, use curly ribbon at the base or stick a 'happy birthday' sign or photo on the boxes or even glue a coloured number on it for the age of the party girl or boy. 

Here is a little inspiration but the ideas are endless.
Balloon Centrepiece DIY

Here is what you will need - gift box, ribbons and 
string, water balloons, balloon stick and holder.

Insert the balloon stick
(use foam or glue to secure
if necessary).
Blow balloons and tie with string

Attach the balloons with the strings to
the balloon stick holder

Attach balloon holder to balloon stick
and tie a bow with ribbon
at the base of the stick.
DIY complete

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