Saturday, July 20, 2013

Take me to Paris: French Edition

I am dreaming of Paris these days, two months before my first trip to France - I am so excited so I'm dedicating this blog post to all things French. J'adore Paris!

The closest I've gotten to the French is a wonderful trip to the city of Quebec in Canada. My husband loves to tell the story of how I pretended to understand French while we were there because I thought all I had to say was "oui oui" and smile, to waiters, to shop assistants and so forth. It worked so well for a few days until I purchased a top at a store and while paying for the item, I responded to the sales assistant's question by saying "oui" and she just stared at me while I waited for her to process the sale. Then she asked the same question and I responded the same way and I said "oui" and just stood there.... She then said in English "do you want to try the shirt on because we don't do refunds here"... and boy did I get embarrassed! I was caught out! 

Anyways I'm going to be practising a few phrases before my trip to France this time - lesson learnt!

Here are some French and Parisian delights to share with you today. Enjoy x.
Paris Collage - Fashion and Style
1- Thomas Sabo Charm
2- Christian Louboutin Rolando Pump
3 - Modcloth Postcard from Paris Top
4 - Asos Wildfox Take me to Paris Singlet Dress

French Themed Coffee Table Books

I love pretty books! The Little Paris Cookbook may be more than a coffee table book when I become a more enthusiastic cook but it does look delightful and the recipes are apparently simple and authentic so I'm putting it on my wish list.  The author, Rachel Khoo also has a great blog to check out which features some posts on life in Paris, it is worth checking out here

The Little Paris KitchenBy Rachel Khoo

The Christian Louboutin book looks gorgeous but I would have to put it in a clear box to protect it from my two year old if I ever actually left it on the coffee table because its on the pricey side... A girl can dream though...
Christian Louboutin Book
Available on 

Wall Decor/ Typographical Prints

Also on my wish list (which seems to grow and grow by the day)....

I am crushing on these gorgeous, simple and chic art prints by one of my favourite bloggers, Jen Ramos from Made by Girl Blog. You can buy these at her store Made by Girl Shop

Made by Girl C'est Tout

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