Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DIY Centrepiece Ideas - Glass Jars Decorated with Burlap

If you would love to create rustic, earthy table centrepieces that cost next to nothing try this simple DIY with any empty mason jars or wine bottles you may have at home together with some burlap and twine.

I love collecting mason jars and glass bottles, they always seem to come in handy for storage, organisation and now upcycling for a decorative table display. My family knows they cannot throw a good looking jar or bottle out in my presence and they saw them on full display as centrepieces for a BBQ lunch at my place....

What you need for this DIY:

  • Any empty mason jars or mini bottles
  • Burlap - you can choose any colour you like or any print you like
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (optional)
Step one: gather up any mason jars you have or any wine bottles (I used mini single serve wine bottles I kept).

Step 2: Cut a strip of burlap for each jar long enough to wrap around your jar or bottle with a 2cm overlap, about 5cm wide and wrap around the jar or bottle. I purchased mine from Spotlight, they had some plain and coloured burlap sold by the metre ($8.99 metre for the one shown with the black vintage postmark print), I bought half a metre which was more than enough to decorate half a dozen jars.

Step 3: Secure with twine and tie a bow. You can add a dab of glue with a hot glue gun if you like, mine didn't need it.

Step 4: Fill with whatever you like. I used French Lavender plants that I had growing in my garden which looked earthy and organic.

This technique also looks great on mini wine bottles as featured below or you can recycle whatever pretty shaped bottles you have at home.
To create another look, cut the burlap into large square pieces, put your jar in the centre and gather the outer edges to the centre and secure with the twine. The possibilities are endless - experiment with your own today.

Mason jar wrapped in decorative burlap and twine.

The perfect vase with home grown Kangaroo Paw
flowers in the centre.

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